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outh Africa is experiencing a very severe drought. Most of the country is affected and many municipalities have implemented water restrictions. For more information on the Cape Town municipality water restrictions, water saving tips and the status of the water situation in Western Cape please visit: http://www.capetown.gov.za/


How does that affect your stay at our cottage?


he water restrictions applied by law in Cape Town, apply for all our guests. The restrictions are capped by 4 people per house, which applies to us. So if the restrictions are set at 50L per person per day, a maximum of 200L per day for the house is allowed. Usage over and above will be severely fined by the municipality.


If you are planning a trip and considering a stay at our cottage, or if you have booked and want to have more information, please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have: info@houtbaybeachcottage.co.za



Garden and pool


uring the summer months, our garden, especially the lawn, is very dry as the water restrictions restrict us from watering the garden. We have a lot of nice tropical plants in our garden which still seem to survive without water.


We do everything we can to keep the pool open during summer months, catching rain water from our roof, however, due to limited rain the pool is likely to be closed whilst the drought is taking place due to low water levels. We close the pool during winter months between June-Sept each year.





e do not offer refunds or discounts, without prior arrangement, to guests who have stayed at the accommodation and have experienced limited use of facilities due to drought.


Cape Town is beautiful, and well worth the visit, despite having to preserve water and stick to water restrictions. Our guests have been amazing about doing their utmost to preserve water during this water crisis, we thank you all for the amazing efforts and attitudes.